The Final Edition

Published on 20 December 2023 at 17:05

Dear all,

First let us apologize for the tremendous delay in sending out this edition… As you may or may not know, Indo International is made by a very small team. And both personal and professional circumstances have lead to this late publication and we do sincerely apologize.

We have made this and all the other Moesson Internationals and Indo Internationals with love and dedication. It is therefore with great sadness that we have to announce that this is the final edition of the Indo International. For three years we have tried to build up a steady base of subscribers, but unfortunately at this time there are not enough subscribers to cover the costs.

Over the past years, the content of the magazine has been greatly appreciated. And I would like to thank you for all for your support and the compliments we have received over the years. And also for all the content – because you have provided us with many wonderful articles.

But unfortunately, we have also had many struggles. We tried to set up a payment system that worked for our overseas subscribers, even set up a new website, but it remained difficult.

International shipping is extremely costly, and on top of that, paper prices have gone up tremendously.

All in all the costs do not outweigh the benefits and it is with pain in my heart that I must say that we can no longer keep the publication running. So this is the final Indo International.

We hope the mailman will deliver the paper edition of the magazine soon. But because we did not want to keep you waiting any longer, we decided to send everyone this digital copy. (Except, unfortunalely, for those subscribers who do not have email.)

I do hope you have enjoyed our publication. And please don’t stop passing on our Indo culture and be proud of our heritage. We will keep on publishing our Dutch magazine Moesson. Poekoel teroes!

And if you have any questions, please contact us at:


Vivian Boon, editor-in-chief

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